How To Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit From Rain

How To Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit From Rain

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Monsoon time is almost here & Of course, our monsoons in Florida can last a quick minute & can easily crank up our afternoon temperature to afternoon steam bath. Florida weather can give your air conditioning unit a tough workout.

If your unit is sustaining heavy rains then you need to look out for your AC or simply call

Covering your Air Conditioning Unit

We have seen in some parts of Florida that some homeowners do cover their Air Conditioning Unit during the rainy season to avoid getting debris blown into the unit.

This is not the wise step as we have high humidity around us in Florida & doing so you are trapping in the moisture which can lead to mold, rust & rot. It is vital for your Air Conditioning Compressor to have air circulation. It is best that you don’t cover your Air Conditioning Unit & keep it uncovered.

Lightning & Hail

Heavy storms & rain sometimes bring hail. Although it is not visible in the Sunshine. Hail can damage your Air Conditioning Unit.

In Tampa, it is known unofficially that it is the capital of lightning of our country. While it’s very unlikely that a lightning can possibly strike your Air Conditioning Unit, It is possible that it can strike your complete house & can cause an electrical surge. Installing some power surge protector can help you from keeping this from happening.

It is always a good option to call for experts to look after your conditioning unit.

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