Boat Repair Tips in San Diego

Boat Repair Tips in San Diego

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If you’re a boat lover then you would definitely love Boat Shop In San Diego you will be constantly amazed by the number of boat owners who simply smeared some caulking around the frames of the window which are badly leaking. Let’s discuss why is this a suicide for the boat, this silly process can not only make a mess of your valuable boat & it is a complete waste of time.

If you have a poorly designed boat where the window frames are holding the flying bridge then this is a poor boat design problem you are probably stuck with.

Black aluminum, anodized or painted could be a problem as aluminum is a good heat conductor, & when they heat up in the sun then they expand & break the caulking seal. To stop the leaking of your boat you have to use a non-hardening caulking so that the caulking can move with the aluminum expansion when it gets heated.

To solve the window leak issue of your boat you have to completely remove the frames the rebed them & refasten them with less tightly than what was installed earlier. The reason is that if the frames are drawn tight, they would squeeze the caulking out & not allow any movement without breaking the seal. Here you can use some special formulated non-hardening silicone compound & can use 3/32 shims to prevent the frame being drawn completely. Draw the frame tight completely against the shime & let eh bedding set before pulling out the shims. Give it a weeks time & retorque the fasteners a little tighter.

This works on all types of windows. Do you think it is a too complicated process for you.?

If you don’t want to waste the quality time in finding out the leaks which could take hours then simply call for Boat Repair San Diego for immediate help.

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